All rounder metal seat with fighting butt fly rod build kit, rods #5 - #9

All rounder metal seat with fighting butt fly rod build kit, rods #5 - #9

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  • Tip ring size 1.4mm (pick one tip ring only)?
  • Tip ring size 1.6mm?
  • Tip ring size 1.8mm?
  • Tip ring size 2.0mm?
  • Single foot rather than snake guides?
  • Standard ceramic lined stripper (OR)?
  • Angled anti tangle ceramic stripper?
  • Chunky metal ring stripper?
  • Upgrade to Great Cork grip?
  • RHW 7" Fishtail grip instead of 7" slim full wells?


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All rounder metal seat with fighting butt fly rod build kit, rods #5 - #9 $0.00

All rounder kit, all metal seat with fighting butt component build kit  for single handed fly rods #5 - #8/9

Fits blanks with a butt OD up to 14mm, ideal for glass blanks or longer carbon blanks, fresh or light salt water

A convenient and affordable build kit with good value and quality components that will serve you well, saving around 10% compared to buying the components individually.

Handle: Good Cork grade 7" slim full wells grip, option to select RHW fiahtrail if you prefer. Optional upgrade to Great Cork grade.  Grip inlet to fit the supplied seat.  If you buy the kit with one of our blanks in the same order, we will also ream the grip to fit the blank.

Seat: UL7 slim all metal anodised aluminium uplocking reel seat with two lock rings and a cork trim ring for the cork handle end. Available in titanium (champagne gold) or black finish, Seat barrel OD 16mm, fits blank butt OD up to 14mm.

Guides: Appropriately sized Pac Bay or Seaguide snake or single foot guide set.  Select the colour, line rating and rod length you require.  The options are SILVER Ti (silver guides, titanium seat), SMOKY Ti  (smoky guides, titanium seat) or BLACK (TiCH black guides, black seat)

For rods up to 9'9" and 10-11' respectively we provide eight or ten running guides, a hook keeper, a tip ring  and two stripping guides.  Choose between  standard lined ceramic, angled anti-tangle ceramic or traditional chunky ring all metal strippers.), . 

Line rating #5-6-7 starts with a standard loop tiptop, running guides #1 to #4, strippers #10+12

Line rating #7-8-9 starts with a large loop tiptop, running guides #2 to #4, strippers #12+16.    

Fighting butt: 19mm with the #5-6-7 kit, 32mm with the #7-8-9 kit.

See also the Trout master #5-8 and Predator kits for other kit options with a fighting butt.