Struble D20 full downlocking reel seat, rods #0- #6/7

Struble D20 full downlocking reel seat, rods #0- #6/7

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Struble D20 bright silver downlock

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Struble D20 full downlocking reel seat, rods #0- #6/7 $0.00

Struble D20 full down locking reel seats,

How to order

Please first select the metal skeleton(s) you want, then add one insert for each skeleton if you require an insert - all from the available list below. The price excluding UK VAT sales tax will apply for goods sent outside the UK.

The full reel seat price includes a Struble wood insert, bore 9.1 - 10.6mm (see woods list below).   If you need a larger ID bore Lemke LC1/LC7 inserts will usually fit but occasionally may be a little too tight.  You can select one of these if you prefer and we will ccontact you if fit is an issue (listed separately, use the linked below).   LC1/LC7 inserts are bored up to 11mm. 

There is no additional charge if the the insert is priced zero.  A surcharge may apply for stabilised and rarer woods, where noted in the listing prices. 

Supplied with a trim band for the cork handle end.

About the Struble D20

The Model 20 is relaunched as Struble’s flagship reel seat, the first to be manufactured by Struble since 2012. The company is under new ownership dedicated to renewing Struble's 46-year dedication to manufacturing quality fly rod components.

Glenn Struble Manufacturing Company was founded in 1974 by Glenn Struble, a mechanical engineer with a love for fly fishing and commitment to excellence. Struble’s designs and quality quickly became the industry standard around the globe.

The Model 20 is available in four colours in anodized 6061 aluminium: Brilliant, bright-dip clear, bright-dip black, Dark Earth (bronze-green), and rich Dark Titanium (gunsmoke).

Upocking version (U20) listed separately.

Proudly manufactured in Big Timber, Montana.

Struble inserts are made in the USA from a range of classic and exotic hardwoods with a classic dipped varnish finish, not stabilised.  Available woods:

Blonde Maple (bore 0.360"  9.1mm)

Bubinga (bore 0.420" 10.6mm) - looks almost the same as Imbuya

Burl Madrone  (bore 0.360"  9.1mm)

Imbuya (bore 0.360" 9.1mm) - looks almost the same as Bubinga

Rosewood (bore 0.420" 10.6mm)  

Vermillion  (bore 0.360"  9.1mm)

Our own inserts for Lemke LC1/LC7 seats will fit Struble U20/D20 seats if you are looking to choose a specific insert, want something different or need a larger internal bore (11mm).

Struble D20 measurements

OD: 0.640” 16.3mm

Length: 3.85” 98mm including wood insert (can be reduced to 3.5” 90mm by shortening the insert)

Weight (hardware): 7 grams (approx. 15g with a wood insert)

Inlet 19.9mm for the recessed hood

Insert bore 9.1-10.5mm as above

Select metal finish then pick one insert per seat
Price (ex. VAT)
Struble D20 Silver
Struble D20 bright silver downlock
2 Available
Struble D20 dark titanium
Struble D20 dark titanium downlock
2 Available
Struble D20 dark earth
Struble D20 dark earth downlock
4 Available
Blonde Maple bore 9.1mm
Struble D20 maple insert
4 Available
Bubinga bore 10.6mm
Struble D20 bubinga insert
4 Available
Burl Madrone bore 9.1mm
Struble D20 madrone insert
4 Available
Imbuya bore 9.1mm
Struble D20 imbuya insert
4 Available
Rosewood bore 10.6mm
Struble D20 rosewood insert
4 Available
Vermillion bore 9.1mm
Struble D20 vermillion insert
4 Available
Dark earth skeleton (no insert)
Struble D20 dark earth downlock
2 Available
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UK price £0.00 (with 20% VAT)
Export price £0.00 (no UK VAT)
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