LC5 and LC20 Lemke Concepts full reel seats with inserts (#5-#9 rods, spey #2 - #5)

LC5 and LC20 Lemke Concepts full reel seats with inserts (#5-#9 rods, spey #2 - #5)

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  • Supply with an end cap rather than a trim band?

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Lemke Concepts LC5 and LC20 reel seats

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LC5 and LC20 Lemke Concepts full reel seats with inserts (#5-#9 rods, spey #2 - #5) $0.00

Lemke Concepts LC5 or LC20 full reel seats, uplocking hardware with an insert

Last few remaining, limited to stock as listed only.  

LC5 or LC20 uplock in nickel silver and black nickel, 1x LC20 black anodised. Fighting butt trim band and 2 lock rings as standard, option to select an endcap.

LC5 downlock in black only, one lock ring and cork trim ring (scroll to the bottom to select).

How to order

This is a two-part purchase of a complete reel seat. Reel seat skeletons and inserts are not sold on their own.

Please first select the metal skeleton(s) you want, then add one insert for each skeleton - all from the available list below. The price excluding UK VAT sales tax will apply for goods sent outside the UK.

The reel seat price includes one of our own wood or acrylic inserts.  There is no additional charge if the the insert is priced zero.  An upgrade charge applies for stabilised and rarer woods, where noted in the listing prices. This is NOT the value or price of the insert on its own.

The LC5 and LC20 models

The LC5 and LC20 are midweight reel seats in the Lemke range with different styles of flanged reel foot retainers and twin knurled locking nuts.  They suitable for medium-heavy duty use

 Insert bore is 10mm for dyed Sandalwood or Acrylic, otherwise 12mm.

The seats are uplocking, but for light spey use can be reverse mounted for down locking by recessing the reel seat hood into a rear grip.

LC20 also available in all metal form LC20am, listed separately.

Full seat measurements are provided below, and see the Lemke reel seats group shot in the listing pictures for comparative sizing of all the Lemke Concepts models.

About Lemke Concepts

Lemke Concepts premium quality reel seats, favoured by many boutique rod makers and upmarket commercial custom builders. Made in the USA by Joel Lemke.  

Recommended for single-handed fly rods line rating #5 - #9, Light or trout spey / switch rods #2 - #5.   In the same style as the LC20, the LC25 and LC26 are suitable for heavier weight rods, listed separately.

The seats are machined aluminium alloy and anodised or nickel plated. The nickel plated finish is almost as light as the anodised seats.  Anodised finishes are safe for salt water use. Nickel silver and smoked nickel silver have a mirror-like depth of shine, and are recommended for fresh water use only. 

Wood or acrylic reel seat inserts

One insert can be purchased with each set of hardware only. We are no longer offering reel seat skeletons or inserts on their own.

The wood inserts at the introductory price point are made for us.  Premium options hand made in the UK by Taniwha Rodworks are offered for a modest surcharge. These are manufactured using a range of techniques and finishes to enhance wood figure and grain finishing with at least three dip coats of ultra hard, waterproof and flexible UV resistant clear coat.   Then polished to a high gloss finish. 

Where the insert code has a third letter "- S" the wood has been stabilised by infusion with acrylic resin under vacuum and/or pressure.

If several inserts are listed as available under one code, then they are all very similar in appearance, colour, figure and quality to the one pictured.  

LC5 and LC20 reel seat measurements

Length including recessed hood: 98-103mm (insert length varies slightly)

Visible length 90-95mm 

Weight: 22g with insert, +/-2g depending on insert type

Recessed hood: Depth 8mm, outer diameter 21.6mm (inlet cork 22mm)

Insert bore: 10mm for dyed Sandalwood or Acrylic, otherwise 12mm 

Insert outer diameter 0.705"  17.9mm 

Select metal finish then pick one insert per seat
Price (ex. VAT)
LC5 smoky nickel
2 Available
LC20 smoky nickel
5 Available
LC5 nickel silver
4 Available
LC20 nickel silver
8 Available
LC20 black anodised
1 Available
Sandalwood burl
4 Available
Black Sandalwood
Sandalwood burl black
6 Available
Blue Sandalwood
Sandalwood burl blue
8 Available
Green Sandalwood
Sandalwood burl green
6 Available
Red-brown Sandalwood
Sandalwood burl red
8 Available
BO-S aqua Maple burl
1 Available
BQ-S red Maple burl
1 Available
FC-S Amboyna burl
1 Available
FG-S dark Maple burl
1 Available
FL-S Walnut root
1 Available
FO amber acrylic (10mm bore)
2 Available
GI-S Elm burl
1 Available
GO-S red Maple burl
1 Available
GP-S red Maple burl
1 Available
LC5 black downlock
3 Available
0 (£0.00)
UK price £0.00 (with 20% VAT)
Export price £0.00 (no UK VAT)
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