GS1 Lemke Concepts reel seat inserts

GS1 Lemke Concepts reel seat inserts

UK price $24.88 - $34.21 (with 20% VAT)
Export price $20.74 - $28.51 (no UK VAT)

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Inserts for Lemke Concepts GS1 reel seats

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GS1 Lemke Concepts reel seat inserts $0.00

Lemke GS1 reel seat inserts


Polished hardwood, acrylic, carbon or cork reel seat inserts / spacers.

We make or source these inserts to be purchased with our GS1 Lemke Concepts reel seats, to fit both up lock or down lock seats. One insert can be purchased for each set of reel seat hardware at the price listed.

We prefer not to sell inserts on their own, but if you wish to do so then select the £10 price surcharge option when ordering. The surcharge will be applied to each insert purchased without matching reel seat hardware.

Customers outside the UK: export purchase price will apply excluding UK VAT sales tax

Inserts labelled with a two or three letter code are hand made by Taniwha Rodworks and each is unique (one of each).  If several inserts are listed as available under one code, then they are all very similar in appearance, colour, figure and quality to the one pictured.  

Where the code has a third letter 'S' the wood has been stabilised by infusion with acrylic resin under vacuum and/or pressure.  These inserts are hand made in the UK by Taniwha Rodworks using a range of techniques and finishes to enhance wood figure and grain finishing with at least three dip coats of ultra hard, waterportoof and flexible UV resistant clear coat.   Then polished to a high gloss finish.

GS1 Inserts

Outer diameter 0.683"  17.35mm 

Length of polished section 2.25" 50-60mm approximately

Diameter of rebate for screw fiitting (maximum) 0.61" 15.5mm maximum

Length of rebate for screw fiitting 0.75-1.1" 20-28mm

Internal bore 0.442" 12mm approximately

Insert weight typically 8-9g for hardwood or acrylic

Type of wood insert
Price (ex. VAT)
NB-S darkened Maple
1 Available
ND-S darkened Maple
1 Available
NE-S darkened Maple
1 Available
NN-S aqua Maple burl
1 Available
NO-S aqua Maple burl
1 Available
NT-S darkened Maple burl
1 Available
NV-S red Maple
1 Available
NW-S red Maple
1 Available
0 (£0.00)
UK price £0.00 (with 20% VAT)
Export price £0.00 (no UK VAT)
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