Q: I am new to rod building, will I have the skills and what equipment do I need?

You need very little equipment apart from a clean and well-lit work area away from pets and children. There is a list in my free rod building guide.

If you can tie a fly or do any basic DIY or craft activity, you can build your own rod, and I have seen some spectular rods made by new builders.   The most important thing is to work methodically, to check everything twice and  to take your time.  

Our free rod building guide will take you through the steps and there are lots of You Tube tutorials available.   

You can always contact me by email with any questions or problems, and most things can be re-done if you are not happy with your first attempt.

Q: Do you have a shop I can visit?  Can I phone you?

A: We trades online only, corresponding by email only as we have other professional commitments.  We regret that we cannot accommodate visitors including to collect or return goods.

Q. Do you repair rods or build custom rods to order?

A: No.  We can recommend some excellent pro builders based in the UK or in Europe.

Q: I am looking for something not on your website, can you help?

A: All  our available stock is listed online.  Items that we regularly stock that are sold out, will usually be replenished in 6-12 weeks.  We will not be able to help with items or brands that we do not stock, even if we stock other items in that brand, as our trade suppliers require minimum order volumes and it is unviable to import small quantities.  We would also have to pass on the same postage and import charges you would incur if buying from abroad.